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Linking Your Goals to How You Spend Your Time

In this bi-weekly installment of our big productivity blog series for 2015, we’re once again taking a practical approach. Or at least it’s practical in the way that a personal trainer is effective when he’s shouting at you to get a move on. In other words, in this article I will be shouting at you stop procrastinating and get on with the things you need to do in order to achieve your goals.
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Absence Management Survey by Honeydew Health

To Measure or Not to Measure (Absence) – That is the Question…

Last week the Honeydew Health / team exhibited at the CIPD HR Software Show at Kensington Olympia in London. Like last year we dressed up as the Usual Suspects of poor attendance – and once again it went down a storm. One of our new activities this year was that we decided to conduct an absence management survey of visitors to our stand about how they manage absence. The results were sobering to say the least! Continue reading

Email Productivity Boosting Tips

Simplify & Focus – How to Manage Information

I just read an article from earlier this year in Fortune magazine, “3 tips to boost email productivity“, which had some very simple and very useful tips on increasing email productivity. The tips were good at the corporate level because it could help teams and individuals cut down on the email clutter, but they didn’t necessarily help the individual. Therefore I thought I would pull together some strands in this installment of our Productivity Series. Continue reading