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CIPD Health and Wellbeing survey 2022

CIPD have released their annual Health and Wellbeing at Work report 2022. The headline findings include the prevalence of long Covid and mental health issues. However, with Covid in remission, attention to health and wellbeing is declining.

CIPD’s 2021 report was marked by a heightened concern about the impact of Ovid and over employees’ mental health. This has reduced, but remains higher than in pre-pandemic years. The report concludes with a recommendation that all organisations invest in line manager skills.

As discussed in last year’s report, line managers hold an important role in ensuring employee wellbeing. with 60% of organisations relying on line managers to manage both short-and long-term absence, these key personnel need to be given the training and support they need. Furthermore, line managers’ ability to foster trust is a precursor to employee engagement and a happy and productive workforce.

One idea floated by influental organisations such as Harvard Business Review and leaders like Mary Portas,  is that kindness is the true force that we need in the workplace. Kindness can boost morale, improve engagement, build trust and strengthen social relationships at work. Perhaps it needn’t be more complicated than being kind to our colleagues – and ourselves!