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In our work with HR professionals and managers over the last 10 years, we have often been tasked with resolving problematic people management issues. Whether it be a performance-related problem, a long term sickness that is taking up disproportionate amount of management time or troublesome conduct impacting negatively on the team, we frequently find that the real issue is a long held misconception and it is not always clear to managers what is truth or myth.

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Do you know your truth from myth?

There are some misconceptions in the HR and Absence Management fields that hold their ground firmly disregarding all attempts to dispel them. It is astonishing to see how far and wide these myths travel and how much havoc they reap in day-to-day lives of many managers. Do you know how many line managers still think that Absence Management is about catching out employees who make up stories rather than focusing on managing those who trip company triggers for high absence? You would be surprised. What about the number of employees who end up on benefits every year because their return to work wasn’t supported early enough? It is extremely significant to a person’s recovery that they maintain an open communication with management, receive early and effective treatment and stay active and engaged with their workplace also during their time off sick.

Dispelling myths for the benefit of employees and employers alike

We probably don’t need to mention the well-known facts that extensive periods of time away from work reduce the chances of a successful return to work and are detrimental to mental health. Poor attendance is also bad for the business; it is costly, counter-productive and bad for morale – just to mention a few. So both for employees’ and employers’ sake, we really hope that the following pages will pave some way to better Absence Management.

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