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Should I choose Admin-led or Nurse-led Day-1 Absence Reporting?

Absence is a management issue, not a medical one. That is why similar organisations with similar work profiles can have very different absence levels. The difference is not that the employees in one company are more ill. The difference is that one company is managing absence better than the other one.

Any absence is a cost to the employer, regardless what the line of work or sick pay policies. And if absence is not measured, it can’t be managed. Therefore, experts recommend absences should be recorded before they become a problem. However, if you’re looking for a solution to turn around a culture of poor attendance, it is never too late to start.

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XpertHR absence survey 2017 shows rising absence levels

For the first time since 2009, XpertHR annual absence survey 2017 shows an average absence level above 3%. Among the 588 survey respondents that provided data on absence rates for 2016, the national average stood at 3.2% of working time, equivalent to 7.4 days per employee. To help compare with the preferred metric used in CIPD annual absence survey, this year’s median figure in XpertHR data was 6.6 absence days per employee. In 2016 CIPD reported a median level of 6.3 days per employee.  Continue reading

CIPD Absence Management Survey 2015 – Cost of absence needs more focus

CIPD and Simplyhealth have released the results of their annual Absence Management Survey 2015. The headline finding is a slightly higher level of absence at 6.9 days per employee per year compared to 6.6 last year. The survey sample size this year was smaller at just 578 companies. According to the absence levels breakdown table, only 396 (69%) of the respondents could report what their absence level was. Continue reading

EEF Sickness Absence Survey 2015 results published

EEF is a membership organisation for manufacturing and engineering sector employers. It is the largest sectoral employers’ organisation in the UK. EEF conducts an annual survey among its members about sickness absence. The results of the EEF Sickness Absence Survey 2015 (sponsored by Jelf) were revealed on 15th June. Continue reading

Absence Management Survey by Honeydew Health

To Measure or Not to Measure (Absence) – That is the Question…

Last week the Honeydew Health / Absencehub.com team exhibited at the CIPD HR Software Show at Kensington Olympia in London. Like last year we dressed up as the Usual Suspects of poor attendance – and once again it went down a storm. One of our new activities this year was that we decided to conduct an absence management survey of visitors to our stand about how they manage absence. The results were sobering to say the least! Continue reading