Does your workplace have a “heart cloakroom”?

Building on the themes of our Productivity blog series and aided by Claus Moller, the Honeydew team went off grid for a workshop to reflect on how we can best work together and as individuals. We explored areas of personal commitment, prioritising and relationship building, among others.

Prioritisation part II – Productivity through Key Areas

Prioritisation. Goal achievement. Time management. This article talks about how to prioritise in order to focus and achieve your goals. Following on from our last article about the Eisenhower Matrix, this shows you how you can organise all of your tasks and activities to achieve an overview and get things done.

Prioritisation part I – Part of the Productivity Series

Learn from one of the greatest military commanders of all time how to prioritise tasks. In this day and age where we are overloaded with information it can often be very difficult to decide where we should focus our efforts. This article outlines a simple decision-making framework for prioritisation.