If you can't measure it, you can't manage it

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Engage Absence Management Software turns your absence policy into actions. Engage is not just a recording tool. It empowers managers to tackle absence issues.

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Easy to use absence and holiday tracker

Engage makes good absence management easy with emphasis on getting the right management tasks done at the right time.

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Take the hassle out of absence reporting with Day-1 Absence

Day-1 absence service provides a fully managed 24/7 absence reporting line for employees

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Engage can handle both planned and unplanned absence

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Self-service holiday features make holiday booking a tracking easy

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The holiday and absence modules can be used together or separately

Good absence management starts with good data

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Know your absence figures today, not last week or a month in arrears. Engage provides a live dashboard and comperehensive reports. How well do you know your key absence metrics?

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Absence is a management issue, not a medical one

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Line managers are at the core of achieving employee engagement and good attendance. Give your managers the best possible tools to take the right actions at the right time with Engage.

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46% of employers don't know their absence costs. Do you?

Butch Presentee and Buffalo Skiver present a screenshot of Engage software

Understanding the real impact absence has on your business can be eye-opening. There is always a cost to absence, regardless what your sick pay policies are.

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Best practice guides for better absence managers

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Best practice absence policy: how to manage exceptions

Your absence policy should be a blueprint for managers to follow but not so rigid that there is no space for discretion. Discretion doesn’t mean that managers should be able to pick and choose when to implement the policy. Quite the opposite, meetings and discussions should be held on all occasions.

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