Engage Holidays is the easiest to use holiday management software around. An online tool for managing annual leave requests and entitlements, Engage makes the managers’ admin task easier and helps you stay on top of staff holidays and resource management. It’s also great for employees who can submit their leave requests online!

By combining Engage's two modules of absence and holiday management software you can get a complete overview of all sickness absence, unplanned leave, other leave and holidays within your company. You can view it all across a simple visual calendar incorporating real-time data. You save money as well as we're giving you a discount for implementing both!

Engage's absence management Software as a Service (SaaS) is a simple, yet highly effective tool. It allows employees to submit leave requests and managers can approve, suggest alternative dates or deny requests with their reasoning. All of the communication is handled through the system and the calendar is automatically updated.

Engage Holiday Management tool

Engage holiday management software

Engage Holidays is the easiest and most affordable holiday management software around. It's an online tool for managing annual leave requests and entitlements. Engage makes the managers’ admin tasks easier and helps you stay on top of staff holidays, personal leave and resource management. It’s also great for employees who can submit their leave requests online!  
Engage holiday management calendar

One calendar gives a full overview

Engage Holidays centres around a leave calendar that gives you a quick view of all annual leave requests. If you have also signed up for Engage absence management, it will even give you a colour coded overview of all absences. Navigate through the year by month or by week. For larger organisations, you can break down the data by departments or teams for an easier overview. All the records in the holiday calendar are active links to the detailed holiday records and to each employee’s personal holiday profile showing all leave they have booked, requested or taken.
Engage easy online holiday requests

Easy online holiday requests

Employees receive a personal login to Engage and can submit holiday requests directly from the online calendar. Engage supports all types of leave including full days, half days and paid, unpaid or a combination of the two.
Engage instant holiday request emails

Instant email notifications

Engage makes the leave request and authorisation process swift and easy with instant email notifications. As soon as an employee submits a request, the nominated manager(s) are notified. A response to the request can be submitted via direct links on the email and employees receive an instant confirmation of the decision to grant, deny or amend their holiday request.
Engage holiday management tool tracks holiday entitlements

Keep track of leave entitlements

It’s a drag to count holidays manually so leave the spreadsheets behind! With Engage holiday management software, all you need to do is set your holiday year and default or personal leave entitilements and the system will do the rest. Both managers and employees will always know how much leave an employee has left. If a new request exceeds the entitlement, we even highlight it in your email alert!
Engage holiday record

Avoid the end of year holiday 'rush hour'

Half of your team want to go on holiday at the same time just before the end of the year so that they won’t lose their unused leave? Not any more! Engage can be configured to flag up when employees are approaching a key watershed with too many days still unbooked. With the Engage holiday management software, employees also have a clear overview of how many days they have taken and how many they have left.
Engage leave calendar manages holiday and unplanned absence

Add unplanned absence for better resource planning

Use Engage to track unplanned absence as well as holiday and you will have an overview of sickness and leave days at a glance in the same calendar. Not to mention getting access to all the great absence management tools and resources that we offer! Find out more about the absence management features. You can also try the full features for free for 30 days with our free trials.

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Engage has great features for both Absence and Leave management:

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