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Healthy workplaces go beyond preventing illness and promote good health

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace has found that employees with flexible hours and the ability to work from home report lower absences and greater job satisfaction. They also consider themselves to be in better physical and mental health. Simply put, inflexible hours affect employee wellbeing. Employees based in the office or facing long commutes are less productive, and in poorer health. Continue reading

Productivity Series: The Best Productivity Apps

In the article series so far (which started almost a year ago, wow!) we’ve looked at many of the key changes you need to make with regards to how you think and act, but we haven’t spoken very much about tools. In this day and age of constant connectivity, I therefore felt it would be useful to also dedicate a few blog posts to this topic. In this article we will take a closer look at some of the best productivity apps on the market today. Continue reading

The Art of Delegation – Increasing Productivity, Creating Results & Nurturing a Healthy Work Environment

This article on the importance of delegation; what the effects are; how to go about it; and the key questions you need to ask yourself before delegating, is part of our article series on productivity. This is one of our more detailed parts as delegation is such a key issue when it comes to increasing your personal, your team’s and your company’s productivity and create amazing results. It is often called the art of delegation, and although it is not art as such it is a craft and a skill that can and should be honed.

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Effective Meetings Boost Productivity

In our long running (since January 2015) article series about productivity we have been around a varied range of subjects from the strategic (goal setting) down to the downright practical (how to plan your time). Right from the outset it was envisaged that we would do articles on some of the practical topics, which are corner stones of productivity, such as ensuring you have effective meetings and delegation.
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