Healthy workplaces go beyond preventing illness and promote good health

Britain’s Healthiest Workplace has found that employees with flexible hours and the ability to work from home report lower absences and greater job satisfaction. They also consider themselves to be in better physical and mental health. Simply put, inflexible hours affect employee wellbeing. Employees based in the office or facing long commutes are less productive, […]

Productivity in the workplace

Absence is one of many factors eating away at our productivity at work. Honeydew’s mission is ultimately to help organisations improve productivity – through better attendance, healthier workforce and more engaged employees. That’s why the Stoddard Review’s paper on physical workplaces as a factor in the productivity equation was such an interesting read.

Employee Wellbeing is worth investing in!

Employee wellbeing is not just a nice company value but it can become an important factor in productivity. As Susan Silcox outlines in her report published by XpertHR, poor wellbeing has many detrimental consequences to the business.

Productivity Series: Productivity Hacks part I

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a nice and relaxing time over the holidays and are now ready to have a truly productive 2016. In this first post of the year, I want to look into some of the real life productivity hacks that real people like you and me swear by in […]

Productivity Series: The Best Productivity Apps

In the article series so far (which started almost a year ago, wow!) we’ve looked at many of the key changes you need to make with regards to how you think and act, but we haven’t spoken very much about tools. In this day and age of constant connectivity, I therefore felt it would be […]

Does your workplace have a “heart cloakroom”?

Building on the themes of our Productivity blog series and aided by Claus Moller, the Honeydew team went off grid for a workshop to reflect on how we can best work together and as individuals. We explored areas of personal commitment, prioritising and relationship building, among others.

Flexible working makes for more productive employees

A recent survey of over 2,600 employees by FlexJobs found that 76% think the office is not their most productive work environment. 50% of the survey respondents would choose to work from home to be most productive or on important projects. The top five reasons why flexible working was deemed more productive were:

Effective Meetings Boost Productivity

In our long running (since January 2015) article series about productivity we have been around a varied range of subjects from the strategic (goal setting) down to the downright practical (how to plan your time). Right from the outset it was envisaged that we would do articles on some of the practical topics, which are […]