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Right to annual leave can’t be bought out

Did you know that EU law prevents employers from carrying over the first four weeks of employees’ statutory annual leave? The only exception is when an employee is unable to take the leave because of sickness absence. If the leave is not taken, it is lost.

In the UK, employees are guaranteed 5.6 weeks of annual leave. Employers cannot give employees payment in lieu of their statutory minimum annual leave entitlement.

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Do you know what they did last summer? Importance of holidays

You would think that taking holiday is the simplest thing in the world. Most of us living in the western world are lucky enough to benefit from paid annual leave and it should be an easy task to switch off work. Not so. According to CIPD, half of UK workers don’t take their full holiday entitlement each year. Do you know how many of your employees have not yet taken any holiday this year? Do you know why it is important that everyone takes a break every now and then? Continue reading