Integrate your holiday and absence records

Consolidating both holiday and absence records in the same database brings great benefits managers. Here are 5 reasons why move your holiday records to Engage as well as absence.

Picking up patterns of absence

Engage can be set to pick up patterns where employees go absent right before or after a period of booked annual leave. This can help manage problem absentees, whose absence is disrupting the team.

Task alert holidays

Engage automatically detects when an employee is booked on holiday and pauses any task reminders relating to that employee. This means that managers aren’t unnecessarily reminded about return to work interviews or absence review meetings whilst the employee is away on annual leave.

Tracking leave entitlements

Setting employee entitlements lets Engage keep track of how many days an employee has taken and how many are left. If a holiday request is submitted that exceeds the entitlement, Engage will automatically warn the manager.

Pro-rata holidays

The holiday reports in Engage will calculate the remaining holiday entitlement for employees who resign partway through the holiday year. Simply enter the start date of the holiday year and the leaving date in the report options and our software will do the number crunching for you. The report will show if employees have leave days left or if they have exceeded their accumulated entitlement.

Spreading holidays evenly throughout the year

Many companies struggle with ‘holiday rush’ at the end of the holiday year, when a lot of employees try to book their remaining holiday before the year runs out. To avoid this, Engage can be set to alert managers if more than a specified proportion of annual leave is left to book at a specified point in the year. The definitions are customisable but could be, for example, 10 or more days holiday left at month 9 of the holiday year.