Keeping track of sick and fit notes

Under UK law, employees can self-certificate for the first 7 days of a sickness absence. After 7 calendar days they need to get a fit note from a doctor. The 1-week rule applies to everyone, regardless of how many days per week they normally work. The fit note is essentially a legal document that entitles […]

Why SaaS absence management is the best choice for smaller companies

Engage SaaS (Service as a Software) lets companies accurately manage and track their absence data. Even SMEs with fewer than 250 employees benefit from using Engage and can reduce related costs and risk by recording full absence data. Did you know that reducing absence by even a fraction of a percent can save you hundreds […]

Automate your absence policy

Many HR teams spend a lot of time putting together a comprehensive absence policy. Sadly, their efforts are watered-down if managers don’t know or understand the policy, or if they forget to check what absences meet the trigger criteria. However, some absence triggers are so complex that you definitely need a computer to check who […]

Finding relevance at Web Summit 2016

Greetings from Lisbon! I’m writing this blog from Web Summit 2016 among 50,000 other delegates. The mammoth conference is enough to overwhelm most and you’ll certainly learn the art of queueing.

New interactive absence dashboard

Engage absence management portal has a new interactive dashboard. The absence dashboard continues to give you a snapshot of absence over the last 30 days, as before, but now you’ll have access to a whole lot more information at a glance. Here we introduce the new charts and interactions.

Overtime tracking with Engage

In addition to tracking staff absence and holidays, Engage now also has features for tracking overtime. This way we are tying together more and more of the related resource planning tools within one application.

Is Workforce Analytics Worth the Investment?

Utilising Big Data and statistics through analytics can sometimes be a daunting task. HR software is rapidly innovating to make the task easier and also to ensure that companies – both big and small – can save and make money in the process.

Absence Management in HR Systems? It Doesn’t Work!

HR systems do not drive effective absence management. FACT! Absence Management in HR systems seems to be a case of just trying to add another feature without any real focus on helping clients attain their goals. Many companies choose to use their HR system to do as much as possible. Anything from payroll through to […]

10 Tips on Choosing a HR System

Choosing a new HR system for a business can exciting and fun as well as daunting and sometimes overwhelming. So, we’ve put together a list of tips covering how you should prepare to choose a new system and what it should include.