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Pulling sickies is legitimate grounds for dismissal

1 in 10 employees admits to ‘pulling a sickie’ or faking an illness to avoid work. These sickies can be a nuisance at the workplace and are tricky to manage due to the contention involved in accusing someone of lying. Employers are also potentially on thin ice taking on the task of proving the employee was or is not ill. But now there is good news for managers struggling with this issue: from a legal standpoint pulling sickies is legitimate grounds for dismissal. Of course, certain criteria must be met to justify the dismissal but the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has found that an employee who pulls a sickie can be dismissed for gross misconduct. Continue reading

Occupational Health is not a dispute mediation service

XpertHR published an absence related employment tribunal case study (Beastall v Ministry of Defence ET/2404242/14) to do with an employee who fraudulently used sick leave to perform as a medium. He had been signed off on two separate occasions and it was found that during both episodes he had appeared publicly as an advertised medium. When he didn’t return to work as planned after his fit note ran out, he was suspended under investigation and later dismissed for gross misconduct. Continue reading

Unloved employees pull the most sickies

According to research by Investors In People, 54% of full time employees feel that their employers simply don’t care about their health or wellbeing. They feel that their employer’s only priority is whether their work is done or not, not their health as a result. Other research outlines that over a quarter of workers still receive no workplace benefits at all. The consequence? Lots of sickies.

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