Right to annual leave can’t be bought out

Did you know that EU law prevents employers from carrying over the first four weeks of employees’ statutory annual leave? The only exception is when an employee is unable to take the leave because of sickness absence. If the leave is not taken, it is lost. In the UK, employees are guaranteed 5.6 weeks of […]

New holiday features: year-by-year navigation

Exciting news! We’ve added new features that make our holiday management tools even better. The changes affect employees and administrators making both requesting holidays and managing entitlements easier. To see how the process now works for employees, see our new tutorial video

New features in Engage – summer 2015 edition

This summer we have been working on improving the calendar features in Engage. We added a calendar integration feature so that holidays and absence records can be exported to Outlook or Google Calendars or any other calendar software that supports the standard ics format. There’s now also a subscription option that automatically updates the external […]

Annual leave law update

Well it is that time of the year again, holiday season. As usual, employment law and regulations keep changing and it seems that this space is becoming more and more confusing rather than simpler. All you have to do is take one look at the legislation on shared parental leave to know what we’re talking […]

Holiday Management live!

A little while ago we wrote an article about the holiday management feature we were working on. We’re very excited to announce that as of beginning of this month, the new features are available to our users!

New Holiday Management tool

Engage recently saw the online subscriptions open to business. We haven’t been resting on our laurels since then but busily preparing for a new feature to manage holidays.