New holiday features: year-by-year navigation

Exciting news! We’ve added new features that make our holiday management tools even better. The changes affect employees and administrators making both requesting holidays and managing entitlements easier.

To see how the process now works for employees, see our new tutorial video

Employees can see their requests by year

Instead of combining the leave history into one long table, we now offer tabbed browsing so each holiday year is contained in its own table. This means that it is even easier to see what holiday has been requested for each year and what entitlement remains. We have also made it more obvious how to request half days in response to end user feedback.

Administrators can manage entitlements for current and future years

We appreciate that employees’ leave entitlements may change from one year to the next. When this happens, the change should not affect the records we keep for previous years. The new yearly structure means that administrators can enter entitlements for each year separately without affecting the calculations for other years.

Here’s a video tutorial for administrators: