New features in Engage – summer 2015 edition

This summer we have been working on improving the calendar features in Engage. We added a calendar integration feature so that holidays and absence records can be exported to Outlook or Google Calendars or any other calendar software that supports the standard ics format. There’s now also a subscription option that automatically updates the external calendar when any changes are made in Engage.

See how the calendar export works in this video:

Overhaul of background infrastructure

Behind the scenes we have been preparing for a fairly big infrastructural change, which is coming to a completion in September. We will upgrade Engage to a new version of Ruby on Rails software to improve performance. We have also revised some of the background tasks that run on our servers to make sure end users always experience fast software performance.

Bulk changes made easier for administrators 

In addition to these bigger changes, we have updated some of the admin tools to make it even easier for clients and system administrators to update the company details. Department lists and hierarchies as well as job titles can now be uploaded from file and we’ve also improved the general employee search functionality.

Coming soon…!

What next? In October, we are introducing improved tools for handling annual leave records. More about that in our next update!

Check out current features in Engage.