Holiday Management live!

A little while ago we wrote an article about the holiday management feature we were working on. We’re very excited to announce that as of beginning of this month, the new features are available to our users!

Some employees fail to take their full entitlement of their holiday leave each year. It may be that the pressures at work push on too hard and it just always seems like a bad time to take holiday. But that is not to anyone’s benefit, not the employee’s or the employer’s. Not taking a proper break every now and then, employees and their managers alike fail to appreciate that taking a holiday could make them more productive and improve their performance in the long run. Weekend getaways are not sufficient either but experts say that a proper break of at least a week is needed to really feel the benefits – even longer if possible. With the new holiday tools in Engage, you could set triggers that flag up if employees are not making use of their holiday entitlement and that way better manage the performance and resources in your company.

In fact, a sophisticated absence management software can help you keep track of a multi-trigger system, cut paperwork and save time for more value-adding tasks. The Engage holiday management tool will allow you to manage holiday requests, keep track of taken and untaken annual leave and avoid holiday ‘rush hours’ at the end of the holiday year. You will also get a visual overview of absence, holidays in your team and you will be able to check how many days your employees have left to take.

The tool is now available as an add-on to existing and new Engage absence management subscribers, just contact us to activate the new tools. We plan to also offer the tool as a standalone product in the near future. If you would like more information on how to manage absence, Absencehub will always provide impartial advice.