10 Tips on Choosing a HR System

Choosing a new HR system for a business can exciting and fun as well as daunting and sometimes overwhelming. So, we’ve put together a list of tips covering how you should prepare to choose a new system and what it should include.

1- Get the team together

Converting to a new HR system is a big step and it will effect numerous individuals within a company whether they use it or not. It is therefore essential that the relevant decision makers come together to make it a team effort and ensure everyone’s opinions are heard.

2- Evaluate critical requirements, price range and what you want the system to achieve

Once you’ve got the team together it’s time to really decide on what requirements you want a system to fulfil, how much you are willing to pay for it and, also, what it is you want a new system to achieve. These should be flexible agreements as not every system has all the features you may want and some systems are far cheaper than others.

 3- Ensure the system is user-friendly

This is essential. A system that is user-friendly will save individuals time when using it and will mean training is less likely to be lengthy and complex.

4- Make sure it can be accessed wherever you are

Remote accessibility ensures no matter where you may be, the relevant information and data can always be accessible. This also helps if the HR system is scalable and can therefore be accessed via tablet and smartphone.

5- Be certain that it is both flexible & customisable

The system should be able to adapt with the internal change of your business and also accommodate any growth of internal employees. Plus, it is a bonus if the system is customisable to your specific policies and procedures and can even look like it’s part of your companies’ infrastructure too.

6- Embrace the cloud

There are a number of reasons to adopt cloud software. Namely the fact that is removes the need for internal servers, thereby saving time and money, and it also ensures remote accessibility.

7- Adopt self-service

Save yourself time and effort by adopting a system which can conveniently be set up by you and your team.

8- Make sure you view plenty of systems before finalising a choice

Be conscious of the fact that competition is rife and easily accessible over the internet. Take your time to ensure the system fits most, if not all, of your needs, fits your budget and will be future-proof. Ensure you ask questions about systems too.

9-  Evaluate potential favourite systems with the team

It’s unlikely that everyone will agree instantly on the same system they want, so it’s good to talk them over and narrow down choices together to avoid disappoint and ensure understanding.

10- Believe in the new system and work hard to make it work

Sophisticated HR systems do ease the workloads of HR professionals and they can certainly make tasks easier, however, they do not often just work on their own. They will need maintenance and to be used properly to ensure the benefits are properly reaped.


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