10 out of 10.  We get great feedback from our customers.

10 out of 10 for our service!

We have interviewed two client contacts for their experience with Honeydew Health Day-1 absence reporting service and Engage absence management software. We’re really pleased that both customers rate our service 10 out of 10! Here’s a short intro to our interviewees and what else they had to say.

James Blackburn, OCS

Contract Manager, James Blackburn works for OCS at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. OCS is a large family run total facilities management business and is in the Sunday Times Top Track 100 list of the UK’s top private companies with the biggest sales. GOSH is a very busy hospital in London and the OCS support staff there have been using Honeydew’s service since August 2016. 

Debby Kelly, Guenther Bakeries

HR Manager Debby Kelly works for Guenther Bakeries near Manchester. Guenther Bakeries is a large US based business that also have operations in the UK. They’re a major provider of baked goods to McDonalds and they have been using Honeydew’s system since October 2016. 

Before using Honeydew what were your biggest absence management challenges?

James: Keeping track of the meetings required and keeping the history. With absence we rely on the history to be able to manage the present. The honeydew system keeps very accurate and easy to access data. 

Debby: Lack of consistency in applying the absence policy and a lack of ownership / responsibility.

Do you feel absence is being managed better now?

James: Yes definitely. I introduced the system here due to the success elsewhere.

Debby: Yes, the system takes away any excuses, as all managers receive notifications  for absence, trigger points and OH referrals by email & text. 

Was the implementation difficult?

James: Not at all, we sent the required information to Honeydew and they did the rest.

Debby: No, it was a really simple process

Are line managers now more engaged in absence management?

James: Yes, it is easier for them, managers and supervisors are busy people, the easier we can make things, the better it is for them

Debby: Yes, it provides them with more time to do other tasks. The user friendly system is also an advantage.   

How would you rate Honeydew’s service on a scale from 1 to 10?

James: 10

Debby: Definitely a 10 all round.