73% find Engage easy to use

The latest Honeydew Customer Satisfaction survey closed at the end of March. Engage software received an overall score of 4 out of 5. Out of the 203 respondents, 73% find Engage “easy” to use.

“Very user friendly & easy to use”
“Easy to follow”
“Intuitive & easy to navigate”

76% said Engage helped them manage Covid-19

We are glad to report that 76% of our users told us that our service helped manage absence during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We were quick to create a new Coronavirus absence category and new absence causes were added along the way to respond to the ever-changing situation.

Messages to employees were updated regularly so absentees and our call handlers worked very hard to ensure the correct absence information was logged in Engage.

Overall 4-star rating

Honeydew absence reporting service and customer support both received 4 out of 5.

“Efficient & Helpful”
“Brilliant, the perfect team”
“Great help when needed”

You said, we listened…

The most important feedback tells us what we can do better. Based on your comments we will focus on:

  • Accessibility of our services
  • Helping newly hired or promoted managers with training
  • Emphasising politeness, fairness and kindness in call handler training

Some managers asked to create tasks manually. This feature has already shipped!

We’ve also improved the way expected return dates are captured.

You can find notes about other new features on our blog.