About Absencehub.com

About Absencehub.com – who is behind Absencehub.com?

Absencehub.com is a website about Engage Absence Management Software created by Honeydew Health Ltd.

Honeydew Health was founded in 2012 on more than ten years of experience in the absence management business with a vision to make absence management more positive. Instead of focusing on poor attendance, we inspire good, healthy attendance. We’re a small team of driven and dedicated individuals and we very much subscribe to the start-up mentality of keeping our business lean, creative and effective.

The Honeydew philosophy is that good attendance and performance management must start with good data – which is where Engage comes in. And once you’ve got good data, you must act on it, which is where Engage really comes into its own. Our goal is to provide the tools that make good absence management easy for all companies, big and small.

We believe in empowering all levels within an organisation, enable you to actively manage and drive healthy performance. Our core values – engage, inspire, empower, resolve – are the backbone of our approach to absence management. These values are put into action every day by our Managing Director, Malene Nielsen, and our Director of Product, Inka Ruishalme.