Infinis Absence Management Case Study


Infinis is the UK’s leading renewable energy company and prides itself on being one of the few companies leading the charge to make a positive impact on climate change.

Infinis is headquartered in Northampton and employs around 300 staff across 150+ UK sites. 65% of the workforce are operational, with a high focus on organising cover for absentees.

Prior to implementing Day-1 Absence reporting, the process was solely payroll-led, which made it difficult to manage absence effectively.


  • Most employees had to report their absence twice: to logistics and to their line manager
  • Absence metrics were calculated a month in arrears and
  • reported separately by different teams
  • Discrepancies in absence data between the in-house HR,
  • Logistics and Operations systems
  • Duplicated tasks
  • Delays in proactively managing absence

The process we had in place was confusing for our operations staff which also created discrepancies in the recording of absence data


  • Honeydew’s Day-1 Absence Reporting service was rolled out July 2021
  • One point of contact for employees
  • Instant notifications and alerts
  • Easy access to real-time absence data
  • One source of data – Engage online portal
  • Managers have full visibility of staff absence
  • Consistency in absence reporting
  • Task prompts to nominated managers


Against the backdrop of Covid-19 while other key workers organisations were struggling with average absence levels between 6% and 12%, Infinis were able to achieve the following:

  • 3.2% absence level
  • Better visibility of absence trends
  • Weekly and monthly coronavirus reports
  • Tracking positive Covid-19 cases
  • Up-to-date and consistent guidance to absentees as the rules and regulations changed

Having access to absence reports has been helpful with managing Covid absences and these reports have assisted our internal process for dealingwith Covid-related absences

  • Automated reminders about sick pay allowances
  • Musculo-skeletal absence referred for case management by HR
  • Mental health issues supported from first day of the absence
  • More proactive management of all absentees
  • Better policy compliance
  • No more duplication of records
  • Reliable absence data

The Honeydew team goes above and beyond by holding bi-monthly service reviews and helping us to identify different areas of opportunity to make our absence reporting process even better and how to utilise the data and information available. We are more than satisfied with the service, we enjoy working with Honeydew and would recommend the Day-1 Absence Reporting service to any business looking to improve absence reportingand management

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