It can be done! Absence management success

The world is full of scary stories about when things went wrong so we’d like to show you the other side of the coin as well.

You can make Absence Management a success story with a positive outcome that not only benefits the employer but is really great for the employees, too!


Case study 1

Industry: IT

Size: 40 employees

Company cut sickness absence by over 50% from 11.9 ​days to 5.2 days per employee per year through the active monitoring and measurement of attendance.

How did they do it? By creating a stress awareness initiative that led to lower absence due to illness, better staff engagement and lower attrition.

How can Engage help you achieve the same? Based on absence data collected in Engage, you will be able to highlight any problems through trend reports and trigger alerts. With transparency around company absence, proper programmes can be put in place to address any current issues.


Case study 2

Industry: Tele-sales

Size: 152 employees

Saved nearly £3,000 through reducing length of absence spells relating to mental illness.

How did they do it? Through case management and early diagnosis of mental health issues for employees. Length of time off work was reduced from 56 days to 34 days and intermittent absences were addressed at the earliest opportunity.

How can Engage help you achieve the same? Engage provides case management tools for line managers and HR allowing them to manage potential long-term cases proactively from day one.
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