Another 10 out of 10!

Lunchtime tackles absence with Honeydew – client interview

We recently asked Jillian Scotney HR Director from Lunchtime about their experience working with Honeydew.

Lunchtime is schools contract caterer with schools across London, Cambridge shire and Norfolk. They have been using Honeydew’s system since January 2017.

Before using Honeydew what were your biggest absence management challenges?

Lack of accurate and reliable absence management data. This meant our managers could not safely manage absence across the business as the validity of the data was questionable.

Do you feel absence is being managed better now?

Absolutely. We now have accurate absence data, available on a day to day basis. Our managers are now proactively managing the absence within their areas and we have already seen the impact of this on the business.

Was the implementation difficult?  

No, the implementation was quick and efficient (the smoothest implementation I have ever been involved with). The Honeydew team managed the process seamlessly with Lunchtime Company and has provided an exceptional service throughout our working relationship.

Are line managers now more engaged in absence management?

Yes. Our managers have undertaken internal training on Absence Management, are familiar with the Honeydew Absence System (received training from Honeydew), and can now use this accurate data to manage the absence across their teams.

How would you rate Honeydew’s service on a scale from 1 to 10?

10 out of 10. Honeydew has provided a first class and exceptional service at all times. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Honeydew product or service to any other employer. Honeydew has a ‘can do’ attitude on all queries raised. Inka, as our lead contact on day to day issues, is a credit to the company. – Thank you!