Case study: Consistency, compliance and cost savings

Ealing and Hammersmith West London College is a busy further education college. In a bold move in their sector the college decided to proactively  tackle a culture of high absence in September 2015. They’ve achieved more than £150,000 in annual savings through absence reduction.


  • Absence levels in excess of 3.5% or 8 days per employee per year
    • Likely under-reporting due to inconsistent reporting processes
  • Limited management information to drive and guide management actions
  • Full cost of absence not clear


“We didn’t have a real time HR system and so actually it could be two months before we truly knew what sickness absence was throughout the organisation”



  • Reducing absence below 3%
  • Empowering line managers with live absence data
  • Ensuring consistency in absence management across the departments
  • Fair and equal absence management for all employees



  • Honeydew’s Day-1 absence reporting service was rolled out Sep 2015
  • Collecting full absence data consistently
  • Online access to up-to-date absence data for all stakeholders
  • Triggers for management action were revised to ensure early intervention
  • Automated alerts when management action is due
  • Easy reporting on compliance with College policy
  • Review meetings with Honeydew to drive continuous improvements


“Managers can just go into one system and find all that they need”



  • Direct cost of absence was calculated at £111.39 per day
  • Absence levels reduced from 3.5% to 2.7% in 12 months: a saving of approximately £156,000 per year

  • Return on investment in Honeydew’s Day-1 absence management service: £6.43 per every £1 spent

  • 56% reduction in stress and mental health related absence
  • Managers have full visibility of the information they need to manage absence