Create workplaces and job roles to love 24/7

With the pressures at work being held on a constant high, employees sometimes become bored and fed up with their roles very quickly. The internet has been inundated with articles claiming to show you how to ‘re-engage your employees, now!’ so we decided to read through the advice out there and compiled a list of tips that actually do create workplaces and job roles to love 24/7:

Personalise the work space:  Having your employees sit in the same white wash office all day could make them sigh with boredom the minute they enter the office. Letting your employees have personal items on their desks, use cushions, bring their own mugs or even adding flowers can brighten up a workspace and create a talking point.

Personalise employee roles:  If it has become clear that your employees do not enjoy their roles anymore, then have a chat about what would make it better for them. Assign a time for ‘mentoring’ where they can have a private chat about what tasks they enjoy the most and the least, and why. Doing this for all employees can allow you to collate the results and assign people who enjoy doing similar tasks to work together, on those tasks they enjoy! Enthusiasm ensures productivity and listening to your employees will give you a good reputation too. Be sure to do this regularly to avoid stagnation, the thought of potentially changing tasks again in a few months is a powerful tool.

Personalise the working timeFlexible working is the buzz term of the moment and trust us, it works. Allowing employees to spend their time in a way that suits them more will mean that they will be far less likely to leave, and even work towards attracting the best new talent!

Encourage fun and health outside work:  Work is where you spend the majority of the day and your colleagues, whether you like it or not, become the people you see the most in a day. Organising social activities for your organisation can show that you want your employees to enjoy their lives outside of work whilst bolstering new and existing relationships. Events for whole families is also a great idea as it prevents out casting those with young children and a partner at home. Create a children’s fun run or a workplace weight loss challenge!

Ask:  If there is a project coming up, ask your employees how they would carry it out. Gathering a whole department or group of people together to discuss how they would complete a task if they were in charge, creates an exciting synergy.

Employee’s minds will be buzzing with the excitement of a new challenge and the potential of recognition for voicing their ideas. Employees that are listened to, showcased and valued are far happier in their roles. It’s a fact that unloved employees vote with their feet…and they walk on to the next employer!

For more information on how to motivate your employees, read our follow up blog, ‘What motivates employees?’ Again, we cut straight to the point!