Data exporting made easy with APIs

Engage helps employers keep complete absence records but it is not enough to have your Absence Data stored in Engage. You should be able to use your data to help with scheduling, payroll etc. Therefore, we are always working to improve the data flows to other HR applications. We don’t believe that your absence data should not be locked inside one system.

Engage offers three main data export methods for importing to your other #HRsoftware or payroll system via:

1. Detailed and/or custom-built absence reports in plain data format (CSV or XLSX)

Engage Data Upload tool makes it super easy to make bulk changes to your database. You can upload employee lists like starters and leavers, and amend or restructure your organisation structure. You can also upload historic absence data and reference files or templates for staff to access.

Apart from importing data, you can also export data from Engage. This is primarily intended to make it easier to process updates via the upload tool, but you can just as easily use the exported data for importing to other applications.

2. Live JSON data feed using webhooks

If your HR applications have a modern interface, they probably offer an API of some description. You can configure webhooks in Engage, to receive live updates whenever absence records are created or updated. That way, Engage will send the data directly to your preferred application. Webhooks are web addresses, configured to receive the absence data in a JSON format. The JSON injection includes an encrypted signature to maintain data security and data flows are restricted to specified IP addresses only, so your employee data stays safe throughout. The account owner can enable webhooks in Engage by the account owner.

3. Daily, weekly or monthly data queries using a REST API

If your HR application does not yet support a live data feed, you can query the data periodically instead. Send a request to our API endpoint from your authorised IP address using your secret key to receive a batch of absence data. The data will be sent in a JSON format and you can process it for input into your other applications.

Whatever combination of HR software you use, Engage can provide a data feed that suits your needs. Contact us for more information!