Honeydew Engage moves to a load-balanced dual server setup

We take Data Security seriously and we use the latest technology to ensure availability of our services. A penetration test was conducted in March 2018 to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to keep our customers’ data safe.

Honeydew Health’s Engage application is now hosted on dedicated servers at Amazon Web Services (AWS) UK data centres. Designed to eliminate any downtime Engage has two identical servers in geographically separate data centres in London. Traffic to these servers is managed by a load balancer. The load balancer automatically directs traffic to one of the two available servers depending on how busy they are.

In the event of unusually high server loads, a new additional copy of the application is automatically created and traffic directed to the new instance by the load balancer. This means that there is virtually no need for any downtime and our software is available to customers with minimal disruption. Service uptime is monitored continuously using automated tools.

For data storage, Engage uses Amazon Relational Database Service, which ensures a high level of security. The security measures include encryption at rest and encryption of data in transit using SSL which is the standard used by services like internet banking. The database is stored in 2 data centres at the same time, providing a real time backup.