HR Software Show 2015 – Where will tech take us?

HR Software Show 2015 is taking place soon on 17-18 June in London. The exhibition showcases newcomers as well as household names in HR tech. If you are on the market for upgrading your systems, the event gives you a great chance to browse your options. It’s also a great place to see what is new in the HR Software sphere and what new features have been brought out.

In anticipation for the HR Software Show, People Management magazine sets out predictions for future trends in HR empowered by new technology. Their list includes real-time employee engagement feedback loops, predictive employee monitoring and preventative health assessments driven by data from wearable gadgets like smart watches. When put so bluntly this all sounds a bit too futuristic and almost intimidating, painting a picture of an Orwellian big brother society where your employer – rather than the state – knows everything about you and manipulates your motivation, productivity and health whether you like it or not.

Having said all of that, recent research from PwC showed that “more than half of employees would consider wearing a smartwatch from their employer if their data was used to improve things such as working hours, stress levels and where they can work from.” This suggests that many people aren’t so afraid of the big brother as long as “he”promises to look after their wellbeing.

Like last year, team will be exhibiting Engage in our Usual Suspects “disguises”. You can come find out more about our new enhanced Holiday tracking tools or the brand new Overtime log, for example. We can even do a quick absence cost analysis for you right then and there!

If you’d like to visit the HR Software Show 2015 to see what new innovations are coming out this year, you can contact us for a free ticket. Don’t forget to come visit us at stand H112.

HR Software Show 2015 takes place at Kensington Olympia, London on June 17 – 18.