Keep fit at work

The usual 9-5 desk job doesn’t normally give much opportunity for being active and feeling fit, this we all know too well. Sadly, with working hours and stress ever on the rise it’s only getting harder to find the time to get more than your mind working.

However, it really can be easy to incorporate mild physical activity into even the most mundane office tasks.

There is a wealth of information available online giving hints, tips and secrets for keeping fit whilst at work, but not many of them are actually practical. and have devised easy to implement and undetectable ways to keep you moving with minimal disruption to your productivity.

Earn your meals.

Cycling or walking to work is, of course, the healthiest commuting option but no matter how you travel to work there is always a way to make it more vigorous. If driving, park a bit further away than normal or get off the bus one stop too early. Take the scenic route to work to grab breakfast on the way – anything to earn those extra minutes of exercise before breakfast or dinner.

Give the lift a miss.

Taking the stairs in the morning and staying away from that morning elevator crush can really help to boost spirits first thing. The small feeling of achievement can help to improve motivation and even taking that few more minutes away from your desk can make it feel like more of a break than it really is. Not forgetting the obvious benefits to your legs.

Don’t sit during your lunch break.

Staying at your desk won’t give your body or mind a break. Take a short walk outside, even just walk around the office. Pulling yourself away from the computer and into the fresh air will instantly revive your concentration and get your body moving, increasing blood flow and simply, waking you up. Leaving you feeling refreshed, energised and ready for the second half of your day. Just think about how you feel after a good workout… you feel like you have a lot more energy to take on the world, you are more productive and you are, generally, a lot happier. This is all down to the endorphin rush you get from exercise – and it will even lower the likelihood of you developing dementia later on!

Be proactive.

Don’t wait until your errands pile up to leave your desk. Try doing them one at a time. The clock permitting, going to ask those vital questions or delivering those papers as soon as they arise will not only keep your mind alert and concentrated, it gives you a quick excuse for a chat. This inter office communication raises peoples spirits and gives you a short burst of exercise, walking up the stairs or round the office.

Tag along.

If colleagues are going to grab a coffee or even a snack, just tag along. This 5 minute break will get you moving and give you something else to focus on. Every little helps.


Every office has the temptation of unhealthy snacks. Whilst this is OK every so often, if it becomes a habit it needs to be kicked. Bupa recommends keeping plenty of water and healthy snacks such as nuts and fruit at your desk to keep you feeling full. The natural sugars in the fruit will curb those cravings for sweets. You should snack every 3 to 4 hours to maintain sugar levels and stick to wholemeal or carbohydrate rich foods as they release energy slowly.  Reducing your intake of caffeine from coffee or tea and drinking water instead is another way to manage dips in energy levels during the day.


Movement such as twirling your ankles, ‘jiggling’ your legs or even buttock clenches can go completely unnoticed in the office and can make a significant difference. Sitting still for long periods of time is bad for your circulation and small movements can keep you awake and get your blood flowing.

Even after a few days of making these minimal changes to your day, you should really begin to feel the healthier effects.

As an employer, you should encourage employees to keep fit at work as it increases wellbeing and productivity, while helping to reduce absenteeism. You can then keep track of and measure the improvements in attendance using Engage.