New ‘Schedule Absence Review Meeting’ task

Many of our users have been asking us to improve the way we handle the Absence Review Meeting task and we listened. There is a new 2-stage workflow that will reduce unnecessary email reminders and make the system work better for our users.

The new task workflow means that when an Absence Review meeting is triggered by the usual company triggers, users are first be asked to set a date for the meeting. The form youSet Review Meeting Date

see in this  picture is the new first stage of the Absence Review meeting process. The only thing that is required to enter is the agreed or an estimated date for the meeting. You can also see the employee absence history and the reason for the trigger on the same page when setting the date.

We have added this step in the process because we appreciate that sometimes it may be a while from the trigger to the actual meeting date. With the new ‘Schedule Absence Review Meeting’ task, users can now defer the reminders to a later date, closer to the actual time of the review meeting. Once you have set your meeting date, you will not receive reminders for the review meeting task until 3 days before the task is due.

The second stage of the review meeting is the existing meeting outcome record form and from there on everything functions as before.