New smarter employee details form

More new features to announce: the new employee form has been updated and simplified. This will be welcome news for any new administrators since the new form is even easier to fill in than before. The changes improve the form’s usability and guide the user to enter the correct details without making mistakes. Click on the image to watch a short tutorial video to see what is new:

Shorter form for most new employees

When the employee is not a manager, there is no need to add contact details or to enable any access level for the employee and so we’ve made the basic New Starter form really quick and simple to complete. You can still create a login for those employees that require a login to request holiday via Engage.

Helpful hints to explain access permissions

For manager and administrator -level users, the familiar access permissions can be configured on the same page. The second part of our tutorial video shows how to create a user account for the employee and what the different access permissions mean.

This is an administration feature. You need an administrator login to add new starters to Engage.