New Team Member – Matt Gerstein

As we are sure you, our loyal blog reader, are aware by now, Honeydew Health (and!) is an organisation that is constantly growing and morphing to ensure our customers receive the best possible service. With this in mind we have recently been joined by a new member of staff with the purpose of improving our business development and account management processes – Matt Gerstein.

After graduating from a top London university with a Law degree, Matt spent the next few years working in recruitment, which makes him perfectly placed to understand the challenges of absence management faced by HR professionals from both a legal and a functional sense.

In his spare time you will most likely find Matt cycling down the side of mountains (Matt, there aren’t any mountains around London – Ed.), opening up the throttle on his motorbike or fixing the parts he just broke during the first two activities.

Look out for Matt at networking events around London and the UK, especially in the ‘Silicon Roundabout’ area this Summer, as we’re sure you will enjoy his company as much as we do (probably laying it on a bit thick here – Ed.)