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The Art of Delegation – Increasing Productivity, Creating Results & Nurturing a Healthy Work Environment

This article on the importance of delegation; what the effects are; how to go about it; and the key questions you need to ask yourself before delegating, is part of our article series on productivity. This is one of our more detailed parts as delegation is such a key issue when it comes to increasing your personal, your team’s and your company’s productivity and create amazing results. It is often called the art of delegation, and although it is not art as such it is a craft and a skill that can and should be honed.

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Agile for non technical teams

This is a guest edition in our Productivity series, exploring how non technical teams can improve productivity by implementing Agile methods.

Anyone involved in software development will be familiar with the term “Agile”. Agile methodologies have been advocated for some time in the tech community and many start-ups also subscribe to the lean and agile mantras. Agile doesn’t have to be restricted to programming or start-ups, though. The same methods produce great results in improving productivity and performance in any line of work. Continue reading