Will a robot take your job?

According to research estimates, about 47 percent of US employment is at risk of being automated and about 35% of current jobs in the UK are likely to be replaced by robots in the next 20 years. In London, as reported by Deloitte, the main threat to jobs comes from advances in technology.

Flexible working makes for more productive employees

A recent survey of over 2,600 employees by FlexJobs found that 76% think the office is not their most productive work environment. 50% of the survey respondents would choose to work from home to be most productive or on important projects. The top five reasons why flexible working was deemed more productive were:

Guide to flexible working

To help employees and managers alike decide if flexible working could be the right solution for you, we at Honeydew have written a guide to flexible working for you, right here. Please share!

Effective Meetings Boost Productivity

In our long running (since January 2015) article series about productivity we have been around a varied range of subjects from the strategic (goal setting) down to the downright practical (how to plan your time). Right from the outset it was envisaged that we would do articles on some of the practical topics, which are […]

Linking Your Goals to How You Spend Your Time

In this bi-weekly installment of our big productivity blog series for 2015, we’re once again taking a practical approach. Or at least it’s practical in the way that a personal trainer is effective when he’s shouting at you to get a move on. In other words, in this article I will be shouting at you […]

The myth about slacking latecomers

This blog is a re-post of one we wrote previously on our corporate Honeydew Health blog. As the subject of slackers and time keeping is relevant in light of our 2015 focus on productivity we thought we would post it here for your reading pleasure… A blog article by Peter Honey on the CIPD website […]