The science of stress

Rick Arora has put together an infographic on the science of stress. It shows how varied the reasons causing stress can be and how the effects of stress are not just psychological but physical.

CIPD Absence Management survey 2014

CIPD and Simplyhealth have published the results of their Absence Management survey 2014. This annual survey has been the key benchmark for absence management for 15 years. However, the number of respondents has remained between 500 and 700, which is a fairly small sample

The Cost and Myths of Staff Absence

Last week our Managing Director, Malene Nielsen, was invited to speak about “the cost and myths of staff absence” at Jelf Employee Benefits’ 4th annual wellbeing event at the Museum of London.

Re-introducing Individuals Into the Workforce

Getting employees back to work after a long-term absence can be difficult. Recent evidence also suggests that there are various other influences which discourage employees from returning to work once they have left their job, particularly in the case of American men.

How to make HR a profitable business function

Consider this scenario: a company of 1000 employees with 8% absence level (equal to 18 days per employee per year). With little data to base management decisions on and no line management ownership, the absence problem was not being addressed. In some areas, the management teams routinely over-staffed in order to make up for the […]