Holiday Management live!

A little while ago we wrote an article about the holiday management feature we were working on. We’re very excited to announce that as of beginning of this month, the new features are available to our users!

New Holiday Management tool

Engage recently saw the online subscriptions open to business. We haven’t been resting on our laurels since then but busily preparing for a new feature to manage holidays.

New ‘Schedule Absence Review Meeting’ task

Many of our users have been asking us to improve the way we handle the Absence Review Meeting task and we listened. There is a new 2-stage workflow that will reduce unnecessary email reminders and make the system work better for our users.

Cloud computing in HR

Engage is an example of a “cloud” application. But what does that mean? It means that the cogs and wheels as well as the data itself are stored remotely in a data centre rather than in your office. Each user accesses the software and their own segment of the data via the Internet using an Internet […]

How much could absence cost you?

Until it happens, it can be hard to envisage the worst-case scenario cost of absence. These two examples show how costly one single unlucky absence incident can be. Absence can really put a spanner in the works, especially for a smaller business, if not managed properly.