You better sit down to read this

Last week I was speaking to a friend who is a keen technophile. He has an iPhone, naturally, and an Apple Watch to go with it and of course he uses the Activity app. We had just finished a bicycle ride and he was very pleased to see that all his fitness goals for the […]

SHRM annual conference – HR needs better data

The world’s biggest HR event, the SHRM annual conference, took place this week June 28-July 1, 2015. Sarah Payne, of Globoforce, listed the need for better data as her #1 takeaway from the conference: HR needs better data. 61% of performance management data is more about the rater than the person being rated. Marcus Buckingham, Tuesday’s keynote […]

Agile for non technical teams

This is a guest edition in our Productivity series, exploring how non technical teams can improve productivity by implementing Agile methods. Anyone involved in software development will be familiar with the term “Agile”. Agile methodologies have been advocated for some time in the tech community and many start-ups also subscribe to the lean and agile […]

Create workplaces and job roles to love 24/7

With the pressures at work being held on a constant high, employees sometimes become bored and fed up with their roles very quickly. The internet has been inundated with articles claiming to show you how to ‘re-engage your employees, now!’ so we decided to read through the advice out there and compiled a list of […]

EEF Sickness Absence Survey 2015 results published

EEF is a membership organisation for manufacturing and engineering sector employers. It is the largest sectoral employers’ organisation in the UK. EEF conducts an annual survey among its members about sickness absence. The results of the EEF Sickness Absence Survey 2015 (sponsored by Jelf) were revealed on 15th June.

Absence Management Survey by Honeydew Health

To Measure or Not to Measure (Absence) – That is the Question… Last week the Honeydew Health / team exhibited at the CIPD HR Software Show at Kensington Olympia in London. Like last year we dressed up as the Usual Suspects of poor attendance – and once again it went down a storm. One […]

Annual leave law update

Well it is that time of the year again, holiday season. As usual, employment law and regulations keep changing and it seems that this space is becoming more and more confusing rather than simpler. All you have to do is take one look at the legislation on shared parental leave to know what we’re talking […]